Could this be the ultimate peacemaker between commercial property owners and security guards on the one side and riders, skaters, and bladers on the other? Nah, probably not – what was that about popsicles and hell? Nevertheless, if you want to do some grinding wherever you are (neighborhood street, outdoor court, roof, backyard, corn field, no really, wherever), consider scoring the portable Subrosa Street Rail. While it won’t fit into a backpack (it breaks down into 4′ sections), it’ll fit in an automobile or hey, you and your friends can each carry a piece on your bikes (total unit weight is 40lbs).

street rail in parts

Vendor product photo.

Designed specifically for BMX use, the main rail runs 8′ long, 18″ above the ground, fully assembled with the option to bolt it down if you want to permanently affix it to your living room floor (just sayin’). The coated hardened steel structure is easily assembled and disassembled using hex bolts. Your local park doesn’t have a rail? Bring your own, and feeble that muthah while your crew catches that sickness on tape. Just watch your teeth.