While we try to maintain our focus on those truly ingeniously useful portable items (most of the time), we just can’t let this traveling fish pouch reported on by The Huffington Post go unnoticed here either. Dubbed the “Bubble Rucksack”, this acrylic, leather, and pig suede container backpack designed by Cassandra Verity Green is displayed full of goldfish on the online shopping site, Not Just a Label, where it is being sold for £260 (about $434 as of our publication date). Apparently you can actually fill the sack with water and fish (or seahorses or jellyfish or squid) and keep yourself company while you attend school or for when you want to get out and tease some PETA members, but be aware that once you do, there’s no room for anything else in this one-compartment bag. Well, we suppose you could take your chances and stick your school supplies in a plastic Ziploc bag and toss it in along with your little buddies, although that might be pushing it. What we really want to know is, where’s the little plastic castle, where’s the ship wreckage? Wouldn’t that just be the cutest?!

fish tank backpack side view

Vendor product photo.

Alas, it appears it is all just a marketing gimmick in the end. The following is written right on the product page: “NOTE: No animals have been harmed in relation to this product. We do not encourage or suggest that life [sic] creatures be put inside this accessory. It was used in this way for creative purposes, with strict measures being taken to ensure the well being [sic] of these animals.” Yes, do not worry, strict measures were taken to ensure the well-being of the animals used for the photo shoot! The same cannot be said for the animals used to make the backpack, however.