PortAbout is the name of this site. “Portabout” was also the name given to a radio model from the years 1946-1947, a product created and sold in the United States by Minerva Radio Co. from New York. That broadcast receiver was portable, resembling part briefcase and part space heater when closed and ready to be hefted along by its owner. What a fitting and happy coincidence as this site is all about all things portable, all things that you can carry about with you.

What makes PortAbout different from all the other sites out there bringing you the latest on all the greatest portable items available? Just that – the portables we review here, generally speaking, are available and can be shopped for. Our focus is on products that are in production and can be purchased, ones that you can make yours. While concept portable goods may make for interesting or even fascinating reading, we believe there are already plenty of other online publications dedicated to this and would prefer to hone in on those wonderful and underrepresented portables that actually exist and are now helping us all experience even more mobility in a concrete way. We are inspired by portable items of all kinds and we hope you enjoy our finds!

View a scanned image of – and a few more details about – the “Portabout” radio on Radiomuseum.org, and thanks for stopping by!