Let’s face it, fishing is no longer about relaxing with friends, grandpa, or a beer while you dangle your bait in some body of water hoping for something to bite; it’s about kicking ass and taking names, any time, any place. That’s where the “deeper Fishfinder” comes in.

This ultra-portable, wireless sonar-emitting ball of doom will give you the edge you need to locate and ultimately catch underwater monsters from a variety of spots, including the inside of your kayak, the riverbank, or the hole in the ice you just opened up on your local frozen-over lake (it can operate in temperatures as low as 0°F). Attach the “deeper Fishfinder” to your line, open the companion app on a smart device of your choosing, and cast away in fresh- or saltwater. Then watch the screen of your Android or iOS device as it displays details about the world under the surface transmitted back by the sonar-emitting ball via bluetooth from as far away as 45 meters/150 feet. Alternatively, the “deeper Fishfinder” can be deployed via fishnet, remote-controlled boat (total drone style), or even attached to your kayak and put in the water to collect readings as you paddle around.

Information gathered includes the underwater topography (if the bottom is within a certain range, of course – don’t expect to successfully survey the bottom of the Mariana Trench); location and number of enemy fish; presence of underwater objects (which can be told apart from the fish); and water temperature, among other things. All from a device that weighs only 100 grams/3.5 ounces and has a diameter of just 65 millimeters/2.6 inches. Yes indeedy, built to fit into that ol’ tackle box.

Vendor product photo.

Vendor product photo.

It appears the “deeper Fishfinder” has a horizontal sonar reach of 50 meters/164 feet and can plumb the depths up to 40 meters/131 feet. With the mobile app, you can switch between two different sonar frequencies based on your needs, adjust the detail level of sonar findings, update the software on the “deeper Fishfinder” itself, and tweak a host of other things. Expect the device to last about 4-5 hours on a single charge and to recharge in about 1-2 hours.

This powerful little sonar-emitting ball certainly doesn’t have to be used to hunt prey – it has other applications that are limited only by your imagination. One that caught our eye was to assist in locating the presence of sea life for more interesting scuba diving experiences. That’s great, so long as you don’t drop yourself into a group of jellyfish, we suppose (we’re not quite sure how the companion app represents a jellyfish onscreen, better to not find out the hard way).

But don’t tell the fish that the “deeper Fishfinder” has any other uses; you want them running scared. The more fun it will be when you spy on and then hook them despite their best efforts to hide. You know what, while you’re at it, forget about using that silly fishing pole to actually catch anything. We say bring back the dynamite.

It’s you or the fish. Get them before they get you.